Sentencing Range                                                Parole

                                        Minimum        Maximum
​​Drug Felony Level 1 ---- Eight years         Thirty-two years      Three years

                                         $5,000.00 fine    $1 million fine

Drug Felony Level 2 ---- Four years          Eight years               Two years

                                         $3,000.00 fine    $750,00.00 fine

Drug Felony Level 2 ---- Eight years         Sixteen years            Two years

Aggravated*                    $3,000.00 fine    $750,00.00 fine

Drug Felony Level 3 ---- Two years           Four years                 One year
​                                         $2,000.00 fine    $500,00.00 fine

Drug Felony Level 3 ---- Four years           Six years                   One year
​ Aggravated*                   $2,000.00 fine    $500,00.00 fine

Drug Felony Level 4 ---- Six months          One year                   One year

                                         $1,000.00 fine   $100,00.00 fine

Drug Felony Level 4 ---- One year               Two years

 Aggravated*                    $1,000.00 fine   $100,00.00 fine

The presence of certain aggravating circumstances requires sentencing under the aggravated scheme pursuant to §18-18-407.


After a waiting period you may petition the court to seal certain convictions.  The number of years you have to wait depends upon the type of conviction.


DUIs - Felonies - Misdemeanors - Civil Protection Orders - Sealing Criminal Records

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor,  you have certain constitutional rights, such as the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, a zealous defense to the charges, the right to confront witnesses and the right to a speedy trial by your peers. Each citizen has constitutional rights.  My job is to protect your rights. Felonies are punishable with a minimum sentence of one year or more in prison, State Dept. of Corrections, depending upon many factors including aggravators. 


Contact Mary McCluskey, criminal defense attorney at MCCLUSKEY LAW OFFICE, if you have been charged with Assault, Burglary, Domestic Violence, Drug Felonies, DUIs, DMV related violations, Habitual Felony Offender, Traffic Offenses, Habitual Traffic Offender, Probation Violations, Parole Violation, Securities Fraud, Economic Crimes or ​Misdemeanors.

Have you been charged with a DUI?

Most DUIs or drunk driving offenses, are misdemeanors. Misdemeanors carry a potential jail sentence from 1 day to 18 months or up to 24 months if there are aggravators.  Aggravators can include prior crimes, age of alleged victim, serious bodily injury, and several other factors.

​​Civil Protection Orders

Have you been served with a TRO, a Temporary Restraining Order?  MLO can represent your side of the story at the hearing.  MCCLUSKEY LAW OFFICE

can argue that the TRO is unnecessary and the reasons why the TRO should not become a Permanent Restraining Order.  PPOs can show upon on a background check and have a long term negative impact on the respondent's ability to find suitable employment and housing.

Have you been you charged with a Violation of a Protection Order?  Contact MCCLUSKEY LAW OFFICE.  Often allegations by the alleged victim can be challenged for accuracy and mitigating circumstances can be found.



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Courtroom arraignment - Individuals appear in custody or on bond, depending upon the felonies charged.

Criminal Defense Lawyer - representing individuals charged with Drug Crimes


MCCLUSKEY LAW OFFICE is a criminal defense law office dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals charged with crimes.  M. E. McCluskey, Esq. is available to represent clients charged with  FELONIES and or MISDEMEANORS in Arvada, Aurora, Bennett, Beyers, Boulder, Breckenridge, Brighton, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Centennial, Cherry Creek, Denver, Edgewater, Engelwood, Federal Heights, Fort Collins, Fort Lupton, Fort Morgan Greeley, Greenwood Village, Frederick, Highlands Ranch, Kiowa, Lakewood, Lakeside, Littleton, Lochbuie, Lodo, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Northglenn, Parker, Platteville, Sheridan, Strasburg, Thornton, Telluride, Vail, Watkins, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Windsor, Front Range communities and ADAMS, ARAPAHOE, BOULDER, BROOMFIELD, CLEAR CREEK, DENVER, DOUGLAS, EL PASO, GILPIN, JEFFERSON, LARIMER, and WELD counties.

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              Drug Felonies

Changes to the drug laws went in to effect Oct. 1, 2013.  As a result of SB 13-250 being enacted,Colorado now has drug felonies levels 1 through 4.​​

C.R.S. 18-1.3-401.5 (2013) SB 13-250 §18-1.3-401.5. Drug felonies classified.